October: Shoulder to Shoulder

A few months ago, I shared the fact that bad posture leads to numerous shoulder issues.  Shoulder issues are probably one of the most common ailments people come to me about, and one of the most challenging to correct.  The shoulder is an amazing joint that can move in all directions and like a new car with all its technology, often cause more trouble when not operating correctly.   These pesky shoulder aches often keep people awake at night or cause people to sleep on a certain side to get a good night’s rest.  However, once again, like the hips, if you take just a small amount of time weekly or even monthly to perform a few exercises, you could start to improve and even correct some of the shoulder aches and pains that plague you.

One of the most common complaints is a pinch or numb feel down the side of the shoulder. Often this sensation is due to “impingement,” which is a common shoulder condition closely related other shoulder issues including rotator cuff tendonitis.   When the muscles of the shoulder are not contracting properly, you have pulling occurring from some muscles more than others and the joint does not sit properly causing the humerous (upper arm bone) and the acromion process of the scapula (shoulder blade) to bump into each other.  There are two primary causes: 1. the muscles that pull the shoulder blade back aren’t contracting properly or 2. the muscles pulling down on the humerous aren’t pulling down on the humerous as you elevate your arm.  I find the second cause happens more since we all tend to over think with our shoulders elevated.

The videos this week will help strengthen the shoulder joint in all the ways it can move.  Please use the proper weights that will allow you perform the exercise correctly.  It is imperative that you have been performing the shoulder corrective exercises from the “desk shoulder” videos to be able to execute these exercises properly.  If you feel any pain or discomfort, hold off on doing these strengthening exercises and continue the corrective exercises from the previous video before proceeding.

#1: Rotator Cuff Muscles

Brittany Baudoin

M.A.T. Specialist, N.S.C.A. Strength and Conditioning Specialist, N.A.S.M. Performance Exercise Specialist, Peak Pilates Instructor

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