2020 Coming to an End – Thank Goodness!

Here we are in December.  Probably the most welcome close to a year ever.  The hard truth this January may not be the clean slate we all so desperately want, and we may have to find new tactics mentally and physically to survive the trying times.  With us stuck at home, and somewhat feeling stuck in life, we have big choices, or at a fork in the road shall we say.  A meme I see going around that talks about both paths being hard, why not choose the path that is better for you in the long run – and its right. 

We are definitely at a glass half full or half empty challenge in life.  I personally have gone through many waves of going down one path then the other.  When the news of the virus started I responsibly went grocery shopping to prepare to be home for a bit. I bought a few things I wouldn’t normally buy like chips and queso along with ice cream.   I spent the first two weeks acting like I was back in college playing cards, drinking cocktails in the middle of the day and eating junk food.  When the two weeks were up and the realization of the matter set in I fell into a bit of a depression.  I even looked up the term and watched a TED talk on depression.  Now I’m not referring to the clinic definition but the general depression we tend to all feel occasionally.  According to the well-spoken lady on the TED Talk it’s when we feel uneasy, and realize we need to change something.  It’s actually a very healthy reaction to life to drive us to seek for more to life.  However, this in the time of Covid is proving to be very difficult to accomplish.  Normally we would hang out with friends or family, or maybe take a trip and that isn’t as easy to do.

Now, if we take a glass half full attitude its an amazing time for us to stop and focus on ourselves!  To slow down and truly take care of the most important thing there could be.  I have found that since I came to this realization I have been cleared my foggy head and I’m focused again.  My new goal – ME!  So, this month I’m going to be presenting easy, gentle movements that will help all bodies…kind of like the staple movements for the body needs to feel good.  The perfect daily routine to help your body say Ahhh!  If any of them proved to be difficult then look back at some of the corrective exercises to assist.  This routine shouldn’t take too long, and I promise you if you incorporate them from now until the new year – 2021 will be the new slate we are looking for…at least in our bodies!

#4: Half Happy Baby/Squat

#2: Down Dog

#3: Volcano Pose/Sidebend

#1: Bridges

Brittany Baudoin

M.A.T. Specialist, N.S.C.A. Strength and Conditioning Specialist, N.A.S.M. Performance Exercise Specialist, Peak Pilates Instructor

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