Combat the Calories 

The holidays are here!   I’ve heard other trainer talk about using an ice cream scoop to manage servings at Thanksgiving or all kinds of tactics to get through the holiday season.  Being someone from south Louisiana, telling myself I can’t eat what I want during the holidays  just makes me laugh.  I spend the rest of the year with my nutrition constantly on my brain & trying to make the right decisions.  The holidays are the one time I let go and just think I’ll get back on track in the new year.  Instead I take my workouts up a notch to combat the parties and gatherings.  This month I progressed the mobility workout, as well as providing a cable workout for those of you with access to a single cable column to combat all those extra calories.  The cable workout requires an adjustable cable column that most of you won’t have at home, but you can get creative with bands or join a gym for the month to give it a try.  The cable workout is a really good full body weights workout that moves the body in all directions and works the core without being boring like just crunches or sit-ups.  Have fun & happy holidays!  See you all in the new year!

Mobility Routine 2.0

Cable Workout

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Brittany Baudoin

M.A.T. Specialist, N.S.C.A. Strength and Conditioning Specialist, N.A.S.M. Performance Exercise Specialist, Peak Pilates Instructor

Meet Brittany


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