Experts in lubrication since 1922

Breaux Petroleum offers a full suite of turnkey industrial services designed to increase your operation’s overall reliability using our team of experts and the industry’s latest technology and equipment. Our portfolio of services are designed to bridge the gap between necessary, yet often overlooked lubrication tasks while improving machine reliability, lowering operating costs and reducing the workload of plant and reliability operators.

Our Services

Oil Analysis

Get an informed look at what is going on inside your applications by testing the viscosity, cleanliness, varnish potential and fluid health of your oil.

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Site Consultation

Determine the best solutions to increase your equipment life and reduce downtime with our team of technical engineers.

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Varnish Mitigation

Identify and eliminate varnish from your systems before it's too late with our resin-based varnish removal services.

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Take the guesswork out of your lubrication program. Our team of experts provide training and consulting to help you maximize machine reliability.

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An expansive fleet of reliability equipment to help your operation maintain optimum oil cleanliness and equipment performance.

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