Free on-site consultation for your business needs

How well is your facility currently managing its lubrication products and practices? A properly executed lubrication program can substantially increase your operational efficiency.

Breaux Petroleum offers a free on-site consultation designed to help businesses identify areas for lubrication improvements. With the free assessment, you can determine if you are using the right lubricants for each of your applications and identify potential areas for improved component life and increased equipment reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Free consultation from an industry expert
  • Confirmation that the right lubricant is being used in each application
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement and best practices
  • Free one-on-one lubricants training for your reliability team
  • Potential for improved component life and increased equipment reliability
  • Rapid feedback on your lubrication program
  • Potential for reduced maintenance costs and downtime

How does it work?

Your industry expert will conduct an evaluation of your current lubrication program in the eight critical categories listed below. The expert will present an equipment and lubricant application review, and help you identify possible key performance indicator (KPI) improvement projects, which can be implemented in the future. As part of the service, participants receive a detailed report with best practices and ways to reduce overall maintenance costs while increasing operational efficiency—completely free of charge with no obligation.

Storage and Handling
Contamination Control
Lubricant Application
Oil Condition Monitoring
Equipment Optimization
Standard Procedures
Project Planning & Review