Expansive fleet of reliability equipment to keep your operation running smoothly

In addition to our portfolio of reliability services, we have an expansive fleet of equipment to help your operation maintain optimum oil cleanliness and equipment performance. Our fleet is portable and ranges in size and capability to accomplish any job, no matter the scope.

Vacuum Dehydrators
5-50 GPM; Class I Div II
Varnish Removal Skids
1-5 GPM; Class I Div II
Large Filter Skid
Filter pots; Pneumatically driven
Filter Transfer Carts
Class I Div II
Handheld Filtration and
Oil Transfer Unit
Electrically driven; NEMA 4
High Flow Coalescing
Filter Unit
50-100 GPM
Filter Pots
Standalone for inline use
Heated Filtration Skids
100-500 GPM
Filtration Skid
Flowrates up to 75 GPM
Diaphragm Transfer Pumps
Particle Counters
Inline or bottles
Clean Storage Tanks
Various tote and tank sizes