la·gniappe/ˌlanˈyap/ (noun)

The word “lagniappe” originated as a Louisiana French creole term in the middle 19th century used by tradespeople as a way to describe a small item or bonus given to customers. At Breaux Petroleum, we take immense pride in our company’s rich history that was started on a bayou in South Louisiana. Enjoy the below compilation of articles, ideas and helpful links as “a little something extra” from us to you. Be sure to check back often as we frequently update our Lagniappe.

Breaux Petroleum Creates a Children’s Activity Book

Looking for a way to teach your children about the oil and gas industry? Look no further! Breaux Petroleum has created an activity book complete with word puzzles, coloring sheets and Thibodaux the Tanker! Take pictures of your children’s artwork and share it with us via email for a chance to be featured on our social media channels.

Sportsman’s Paradise

Things to Do

Local Fishing Forecast

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Tips for Catching Bass in Muddy Water

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100+ Things to Do at Home for All Ages

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Cheap Summer Day Trips Across Louisiana

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Bon Appétit

Grab Bag

Quarantine Meals You Haven’t Tried

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Explore Louisiana’s Culinary Trails

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How to Speak Cajun

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The Ultimate U.S. Road Trip

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Recipe of the Month

Gumbo Nachos

Mix your favorite Louisiana dish with an all-time classic snack. It’s a win-win!

Fitness Corner

Workplace Wellness

Get fitness and exercise advice from Brittany Baudoin, trainer and Muscle Activation Technique specialist.