High-performance fluids that safely and reliably meet the needs of offshore drilling operations

At Breaux Petroleum, we know that offshore oil and gas operations require high-performing products that can operate in extreme environments. We carry an extensive portfolio of fluids aimed at meeting your subsea operational needs while meeting the stringent environmental requirements.

We have partnered with global control fluid leader, MacDermid, to provide environmentally-superior fluids for the offshore drilling market. These products are recognized as the most dependable control fluids in the oil and gas industry today with field-proven history to ensure superior system reliability, system performance and system compatibility.

Subsea Production Control Fluids

Water based hydraulic fluids specifically formulated for use in modern subsea production control systems. Their low viscosity promotes optimum system response, while a sophisticated additive package provides a high degree of protection against wear, corrosion and microbiological degradation.

Blow Out Preventer Fluids

Water based hydraulic fluids specifically formulated for blow-out preventer and hydraulic compensator systems used for drill rig operations. These fluids exhibit excellent stability, corrosion protection, anti-wear lubrication properties and a high resistance to microbiological attack.