Equipment reliability starts with oil cleanliness

Utilizing a large fleet of filtration and dehydration equipment units, Breaux Petroleum offers a comprehensive suite of purification services to safely and effectively improve the cleanliness of your oil. Our oil cleaning services can help you maintain optimal performance by extending the life of your lubricants and equipment, maximize the efficiency of your oil and minimize downtime.

Vacuum Dehydration

Water, one of the most destructive contaminants in oil, can be a critical cause of component failure. Breaux Petroleum has the capabilities to accurately test for water in all lubricant oils in Parts Per Million (PPM). If present, we can effectively remove the contamination using vacuum dehydration.

Oil Filtration and Purification

Clean oil is critically important to maintaining your production goals. Breaux Petroleum has a large fleet of filtration units ranging in size and scope to meet any oil purification need. Our units are designed to connect to systems while they are online, helping to eliminate the need for downtime.

Varnish Mitigation

Varnish is the inevitable by-product of degradation processes in hydraulic and lubrication systems, which can lead to costly downtime and maintenance. Using our resin-based filtration process, we are able to attack the source of the problem on a molecular level, removing the soft contaminants that form varnish deposits.

New Oil Purification

Although it may be surprising, new oil does not meet OEM cleanliness specifications. To eliminate the risk of adding new, yet contaminated oil to your application, we can test and filter your new oil before it is put into service. New oil filtration and purification is a critical proactive maintenance step.  

Our fleet of filtration and dehydration equipment is mobile and meets Class I Division II specifications to be utilized on site at your location.

What Breaux Petroleum Can Offer

  • Expansive fleet of filtration and dehydration equipment
  • State-of-the-art filtration technology
  • A technical team comprised of MLT-certified engineers to perform all services
  • Mobile equipment that can be used while your systems are online, eliminating the need for downtime