A History of Reliability

Breaux Petroleum Products traces its roots back to the early 1900s in the grocery and produce business. During this time, there were no decent roads for transport – the bayou was the highway.

A.P. Breaux, the company’s founder, got his start by picking up field runs of produce from farmers and gardeners and delivering them via barge to the wharf in Lockport, Louisiana, where they were handled and delivered in connection with the Southern Pacific Railroad. Soon, A.P. was offered a contract hauling sugarcane to Raceland from Bayou Lafourche. With this contract came expansion and more barges added to Breaux’s fleet.

This business continued to grow and thrive until good roads started to take shape and trucks brought the benefit of speedy delivery. It was at this time that A.P. saw an opportunity to diversify his growing business by hauling crude oil from the Leeville Field in 1922, right at the dawn of a new industry that would come to shape the state’s economy.

Then known as A.P. Breaux & Sons, the company secured the state’s first-ever distributor contract from Shell Oil Company and began to distribute Shell products including gasoline, oil, diesel and kerosene throughout the Lafourche region.

The second generation of the company saw A.P.’s sons split in to two oil distributors serving South Louisiana with both Amoco and Shell. In 1986, the two companies—each with established reputations—merged to form what is now known as the modern-day Breaux Petroleum Products. Today, under the guidance of the third, fourth and fifth generations, Breaux Petroleum Products continues to serve as a trusted provider of products and services to the state’s vital industries while holding true to the same high standards of quality and reliability that it was founded on 100 years ago.

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Guided by five generations of leadership

Family-owned and operated for 100 years

Rising Above the Standard

Today, 100 years and five generations of family leadership later, Breaux Petroleum continues to serve as one of the most reliable fuel and lubricant providers in South Louisiana. Not only was Breaux Petroleum the first-ever Shell distributor in the state, it has since achieved the recognition of being one of Shell’s Prestige Distributors. Under this distinction, Breaux Petroleum is recognized as a top provider of Shell products within its nationwide distributor network.

Breaux Petroleum is committed to quality and maintains stringent standards for the handling and distribution of all products. We adhere to the Shell Distributor Product Quality Assurance (DPQA) program. This program sets the highest quality standards in the lubricants industry for repackaging and bulk handling of Shell products. As DPQA-certified, we can ensure the highest level of product integrity from the moment of manufacture to the time of delivery at your site.

The Breaux Difference

High standards of quality, reliability and safety are set and met at Breaux Petroleum. Our employees are committed to going above and beyond for each customer’s needs. When you order from Breaux Petroleum, whether it’s one five-gallon pail or 100 55-gallon drums, we guarantee immediate response, quality products, accurate orders, top-notch customer service and prompt delivery.

If you know how to pronounce our name, then we know your business. Breaux Petroleum prides itself on its special connection with South Louisiana. We know the people, we know the industries, and we know what it takes to make it in this area. We treat our employees and customers like family because that’s the only way we know how. Learn more about the core values that shape the Breaux culture.

A Commitment to Community

Having served South Louisiana for 100 years, Breaux Petroleum has been a part of the good times and the bad. After Hurricane Katrina, Breaux Petroleum was back up and running as soon as possible in order to serve those in need. We supplied law enforcement, emergency services and electrical contractors with fuel so they could keep our communities safe.

In addition to providing services and products when they’re needed the most, Breaux Petroleum regularly supports several charities and organizations including the local Rotary Club, United Way, Special Olympics, The Salvation Army, American Heart Association and more. You can also spot a Breaux Petroleum tent at many local school events, charity fishing rodeos, golf tournaments, fundraisers and any other event that provides the opportunity to help the communities we serve.