Improve equipment reliability and avoid downtime

The refineries that line the Mississippi River are an important part of South Louisiana’s economy. They demand specialized, heavy-duty products to continue to operate at full capacity. We know that downtime is costly, and that’s why we carry a full line of specialized products, both conventional and synthetic, to keep you running at optimum efficiency.



Specialty Syntethic Lubricants

Gear Oils

Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Transformer Oils


Circulating Oils


Petrochemical Reliability Services

Between 60-80 percent of all mechanical failures are directly related to poor or improper lubrication practices. Breaux petroleum offers a full portfolio of industrial reliability services to bridge the gap between necessary, yet often overlook lubrication tasks. Our turnkey services are designed to increase your operations overall reliability using our team of experts and the industry’s latest technology and equipment.

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