Increase reliability with our in-plant technicians

With today’s busy schedules, the cleanliness and quality of lubricants often takes a back seat to major unit issues. Breaux Petroleum’s vision is to help you get one step closer to zero lubrication-related failures. We offer different lubrication management services and programs that can help you achieve this goal.

Between 60-80 percent of all mechanical failures are directly related to poor or improper lubrication practices. In a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it was estimated that approximately $240 billion is lost annually (across U.S. industries) due to downtime and repairs to manufacturing equipment damaged by poor lubrication.

Breaux Petroleum offers a way to bridge the gap between necessary, yet often overlooked lubrication tasks while improving — or even creating — proper lubrication practices and increasing your Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

Lubrication Technician Program

Breaux Petroleum has a skilled team of lubricant technicians and engineers available to work directly with your maintenance and reliability teams to assist with lubrication tasks while also identifying areas of improvement.

Key areas of focus with our lubricant technicians include lubricant storage and handling including lube rooms, proper sampling, contamination control, training and education, and continuous review and improvement of all practices.

Tasks that can be handled by our lubrication technicians — while easing your workload — include:

  • Visual rounds
  • Grease rounds
  • Lubricant changes
  • Lubricant system cleaning (mechanical cleaning)
  • Online filtration and dehydration
  • Oil sample acquisition and testing (third-party lab)
  • Seal pot fill/top off
  • Lubricant filter and breather changes
  • Detailed monthly reports covering all tasks

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Manager Program

Creating an effective lubrication program includes predictive maintenance (PdM) to further boost equipment reliability and strengthen your maintenance team’s efforts. Breaux Petroleum can provide your team with a PdM Manager whose ultimate goal is to monitor your equipment to predict when equipment failure could occur and what regular or corrective maintenance can be implemented to prevent the failure.