Effective solutions to combat, prevent and remove varnish from lubrication systems

Approximately one in three large industrial gas turbines show signs of oil varnishing. Varnish, a thin, insoluble film deposit that forms on fluid-wetted surfaces, is the inevitable by-product of degradation processes in hydraulic and lubrication systems. The costly effects of varnish can range from downtime and maintenance to catastrophic failures of equipment. Breaux Petroleum offers several solutions to help you identify, prevent and eliminate varnish from your lubrication systems before its too late.

Solutions We Offer

  • Oil analysis, results interpretation and customized varnish mitigation strategy
  • Varnish testing using Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) — the only test that can effectively identify the onset of varnish within a turbine oil
  • Removal of varnish deposits in lubricants and restoration of the oil’s original solubility

How does varnish removal work?

Using our resin-based filtration process, we are able to attack the source of the problem on a molecular level, removing the soft contaminants that form varnish deposits. The filtration allows the oil to regain its solvency abilities and restores oil health throughout the system and its critical components.

Benefits of Varnish Mitigation

Combat and prevent turbine fail-to-start conditions
Remove soluble varnish while turbine is running or offline
Lower ISO Fluid Cleanliness Codes with high-efficiency post filters
Restore fluid solvency allowing for varnish removal and extended oil life