Remove contaminants from piping and tubing of critical hydraulic and lube oil systems

When done properly by a trained technician, High Velocity Oil Flushing (HVOF) can boost your equipment reliability and in turn, reduce unnecessary downtime or maintenance costs. Contaminants can and will enter your piping and tubing systems in a number of ways. HVOF is an essential maintenance process that can be performed both before equipment start-up and as part of routine maintenance.

How does it work?

Our reliability team will inspect your equipment and its circulating system to assess cleanliness. From there, a comprehensive flush plan will be determined based on the piping’s specifications and needs. The HVOF plan will be implemented to effectively remove any contaminants that could comprise the equipment and its performance. Once completed, the cleanliness requirement will be verified and a summary report will be provided by our reliability team.

Benefits of HVOF

Decreased downtime, increased revenue
Improved equipment reliability
Decreased maintenance costs
Meet or exceed ISO cleanliness requirements