Breaux Petroleum is proud to offer an extensive portfolio of PAG lubricants, which includes compressor fluids, gear oils, greases, biodegradable lubricants, water-glycol hydraulic fluids and more. This complements our portfolio of traditional lubricants, such as those made with GTL and PAO technologies.

At the heart of the portfolio are PAG-based synthetic lubricants, which help provide excellent equipment protection, reduce the impact on the environment, and support more profitable and sustainable operations.
The products meet stringent industry standards and are produced in modern ISO-9001-registered facilities. Their favorable health, safety, and environmental profiles can help you meet government regulatory requirements.
The highly-specialized lubricants include fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for use in demanding high-temperature environments, turbine fluids for large power-generation gas turbines, and other synthetic products.


Shell EcoSafe Hydraulic Fluids are synthetic formulations designed for use in industrial and mobile equipment. Their advanced fluid technology enhances performance while lowering operational costs and reducing environmental impact.
Shell EcoSafe Turbine Fluids are designed to provide outstanding performance in tough conditions. They offer enhanced equipment protection, longer fluid life, and excellent varnish control.

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