Save money and take control of your fuel

Our fuel management system helps you reduce the time needed to manage your fuel distribution while protecting your inventory from theft and undetected slippage

Breaux Petroleum is a proud provider of FuelCloud, a fuel management system. Using this system, we help companies track fuel usage, optimize inventory, and save time and money.

FuelCloud combines hardware, a web portal, and a mobile application to give users real-time insight into their fuel. The system provides the capability to track and control every gallon in your on-site tanks for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. With the system, you can manage inventory, create custom reports, automatically file tax forms, and protect your fuel with the click of a button.

Because its a cloud-based software, your fuel data is available any time, anywhere and on any computer.

Custom Data

Receive customizable reports using data from drivers in the field to get a complete picture of where your fuel is going.

Real-time Visibility

Access your dashboard from any desktop computer or mobile device to see real-time updates on your tank use.

Save Time & Money

Cut accounting time spent reconciling fuel and managing reports, and automatically complete tax forms online.

Flexible for Any Industry

Our fuel management solutions work with commercial fuel sites, stationary tanks, private tanks, and mobile tanks. The system provides a low cost, high performance alternative to legacy fuel management systems for stationary tanks. And, it’s cloud connectivity makes it the perfect platform for monitoring mobile tanks and protecting fuel in remote locations.



Car Dealerships



Bus Companies



City Services

Breaux Petroleum Helps Customer Decrease Fuel Costs by 25%

A ready-mix concrete producer came to us looking to update its operational processes for fuel including a better way to manage and track fuel use at all locations to mitigate issues of theft. Using FuelCloud, our team helped the company update its fuel management system and ultimately decreased the company’s fuel costs by 25 percent. Read the full case study here. »

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