Ow, My Neck!

“Why does my neck start to hurt or get a crick in it sometimes when I move this way or that?”  I believe lack of movement causes all parts of our bodies to act up.  When people ask what they should do for exercise, I always recommend to move their bodies in as many ways as possible.  Or when people ask what type of workouts I do, I respond with as much variety as possible. 

Think about it…we grew up playing all kinds of games and activities.  I believe one factor of athletes experiencing injuries could be that they choose only one sport early on in today’s world.  These repetitive motions and lack of variety can easily lead to overuse injuries.

Back to the neck!  We don’t move our head on neck and neck on shoulders enough, and there is a difference between the two.  The skull has movement on the cervical spine, then the spine has movement on the shoulders.  Yes, try it out!  When life causes us to move our neck in a little bigger range of motion than we are accustomed to, it can put us in check.  You know this moment when it stops you in your tracks and says, “Hey wait!  I’m not use to moving that way, and I can’t really handle it!”  So, to avoid those times, I will be providing you with four very simple and basic exercises for youto incorporate.  They will take only a few minutes to complete and contribute to many minutes of your life!