The Right Coolant for Every Operation

Today’s modern engines demand effective heat transfer, freeze and boiling protection and corrosion protection for the cooling system. Breaux Petroleum carries a wide variety of Shell coolant products that satisfy these requirements and help reduce overall maintenance costs.

What Do Coolants Do?

  • Remove excess heat by circulating through an engine’s radiator
  • Prevent freezing and boil-over damage in extreme temperatures
  • Protect metals in an engine’s cooling system against corrosion

Why Does Coolant Type Matter?
Various engine coolant formulas in use today contain different additives to protect against engine corrosion. Coolant types are NOT interchangeable and generally should NOT be mixed. Shell coolants are formulated to protect many different types of cooling systems and have demonstrated excellent performance across a range of vehicle makes and models. Shell Rotella® Extended Life Coolants (ELC) are designed for modern, hotter running engines that operate under the most severe conditions.

Which Coolant is Right for My Operation?
For more information about Shell coolants, click here. Contact us at 800.375.3358 to make sure you’re using the right coolant for your operation.