As a perk of employment with Breaux Petroleum, you are invited to shop in the Breaux Employee Store! The store is filled with various items available for customization with the Breaux logo or our special 100-year logo. Each employee has an allowance available to purchase apparel to wear to the office or any other events where you will be representing Breaux.

Your allowance will reset on May 1, and you are welcome to shop at your leisure throughout the year. Please keep in mind, however, that your allowance does not roll over and any unused funds on April 30 will be lost.

How to Login

Your account has already been set up. You do not need to create an account. You will login on the left side of the page (or top, if on mobile) using the User ID and password instructions below.

Your user ID is your first initial, last name and last 4 digits of your SSN. Your password is BREAUX (all caps) and the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Example: Jane Doe (SSN XXX-XX-1234)
User ID: jdoe1234
Password: BREAUX1234

Time to Shop!

Click here to access the Breaux Employee Store. Log in using the details listed above.

Once logged in, click “SHOP” to begin browsing and selecting items. When you select an item, you will be required to choose the logo you want on your item. Logo selection is located in the bottom left corner on each item page. Items will be shipped to your respective office locations and the company will cover those costs. Do not enter a personal or home address. If you do, this will be changed to your office location.



If you have questions or issues logging in, contact Hannah at hannahb@breauxpetroleum.com or 504.977.5401.