Breaux Petroleum Honored by the State Legislature

On Wednesday, April 27, Breaux Petroleum was recognized at the Louisiana State Capitol on the floor of the House of Representatives for its achievement of 100 years in business. The recognition was presented as a resolution from District 54 State Representative Joe Orgeron. In it, Representative Orgeron commended the company for its achievements in serving the vital industries and communities of Louisiana throughout the last century.

“The Legislature of Louisiana does hereby commend Breaux Petroleum Products on the occasion of its 100th anniversary; does hereby recognize the company for its efforts to give back to the communities in which it operates; and does hereby extend sincere hopes that Breaux Petroleum continues its outstanding commitment to many of the state’s most vital industries while maintaining its focus on community service and the preservation of our beautiful state,” said Rep. Orgeron from the reading of the resolution.

Since its founding in 1922 in Lockport, Breaux Petroleum has continued to grow its geographical footprint and diversify its portfolio of services to become one of the Gulf Coast’s leading fuel and lubricant distributors. Despite exponential growth, Breaux Petroleum remains a family-owned business under the guidance of the third, fourth, and fifth generations of family leadership, and continues to uphold its commitment to serving Louisiana’s critical industries of energy, marine, industry, transportation, construction, and agriculture.

“While few companies in any industry are able to achieve a centennial milestone, we are proud to be one of the companies who were founded in and still maintain operations in Louisiana,” said Bud Breaux, company president and fourth generation of leadership. “It is an honor to be recognized by the leaders of our state for the contributions we have made over the past 100 years. We have been privileged with an incredible team of employees who have helped us successfully serve the communities of Louisiana, and we look forward to continuing our legacy as a trusted provider of quality products and service.”

To read the full resolution, click here.