Protect Idle Equipment from Corrosion

Do you have equipment, new or used, that has recently experienced idleness? Breaux Petroleum offers solutions, including vapor phase inhibitors and preservation fluids, to provide protection from water and moisture intrusion and its effects on metallic components.

Using CortecĀ® products, a global leader in innovative corrosion protection, we can deliver cost-effective, integrated solutions for corrosion problems.

Through our partnership with Cortec, we also have access to technical resources to expertly guide you on the correct process of prepping or baking equipment during idle times.

Cortec products can be used in most applications, whether land-based or offshore, and with internal or external components. The Cortec product line offers solutions for turbines, engines, generators, pumps, gearboxes, compressors and much more.

Contact our technical team today for additional information about our corrosion protection solutions.