Spotlight Service Series – Oil Analysis

Did you know that 75% of hydraulic system failures are caused by contamination through dust, dirt, and condensation moisture? Contaminated lubricants can increase wear, which will eventually lead to equipment failure, unplanned downtime, or lost production. That’s why this month’s Service Spotlight features one of our core reliability services: Oil Analysis.

One of the most important aspects of lubrication and preventive maintenance is oil analysis. An effective lubrication program with oil analysis can extend equipment life, reduce maintenance and costs, avoid potential failures, and detect early signs of contamination and degradation before major issues occur. This in turn can ultimately help your company save money and avoid downtime. In rotating equipment, hydraulic systems, transmissions, gearboxes, and other lubricated systems, an oil analysis should be conducted on a routine basis. If high levels of contamination are present, this can indicate a potential equipment failure. Oil analysis is not only effective at saving money on equipment life, but it can also provide insight for extending your oil change intervals.

Breaux Petroleum knows how important minimizing downtime and eliminating unneeded failures is to its customers, and with the proper oil analysis program, we can ensure this is accomplished for your company.

Our team works with various labs across the Gulf Coast for quick turnaround times on sample reports and accurate results. In addition, we have an in-house engineer that reviews sample reports for each customer, makes recommendations on actions to be taken, and provides training on interpreting your oil analysis reports. This is what makes us stand out above the rest.

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