Maximizing Fleet Efficiency

For transport companies, success and profitability hinges largely on fleet management. No matter the size or makeup of your fleet, there’s always room to do things more efficiently. Effective fleet management can help companies reduce costs, improve operational productivity, and ensure compliance with regulations. Breaux Petroleum offers products and services that can help improve fleet efficiency across your operation.

Fuel & Lubricant Solutions

Reducing cost per mile by optimizing vehicle lubrication is a great way to get the most out of your fleet. Breaux Petroleum partners with Shell Lubricants to offer the best products on the market. In addition, we can help create custom-made fueling installations to fit the needs of your fleet, no matter its size. Custom installs take the guesswork out of fueling and keep your fleet on the road and on time.

Fuel Management

Using a fuel management system, FuelCloud, we help companies track fuel usage, optimize inventory, and save time and money. With FuelCloud, fleet managers can oversee inventory and protect fuel assets with the click of a button in real-time. At Breaux Petroleum, we helped one customer decrease its fuel costs by 25% using FuelCloud. Why can’t your company be next? Check out this case study to learn more.

Routine Maintenance

Tracking vehicle performance and identifying maintenance needs is key to maximizing fleet efficiency. Implementing preventive maintenance keeps vehicles in good condition and also, avoids costly repairs. Fleet managers should have a well-defined preventive maintenance plan in place with determined intervals for lubrication, inspections, cleanings, testings, and other routine maintenance activities. If you need assistance creating a preventive maintenance plan for your fleet, our team of transport experts would be happy to help.

Total Cost of Ownership

At a time when fleets are on the road more than ever, it’s important to find ways to lower your operating costs. Oftentimes a small change can provide drastic improvements. The Shell Rotella Value Calculator is a helpful tool that demonstrates the total savings a partnership with Breaux Petroleum and Shell Lubricants can bring you. These savings are delivered through a complete portfolio of premium products and unmatched technical support.

Driver Education

Train your drivers on fuel-efficient driving techniques and incentivize them to reduce fuel consumption. When drivers are aware of acceleration, braking, or speeding habits, they are more likely to be conscientious and time-efficient behind the wheel. This helps monitor driver behavior to ensure compliance with safe and efficient driving practices. In addition, your drivers can optimize routes to reduce travel time and fuel consumption.

At Breaux Petroleum, we believe it’s possible to increase efficiency, productivity, and safety all at the same time. Contact your sales rep or call us today at 800.375.3358 for more information on how we can assist with your fleet’s unique needs.