Managing Your Fleet During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, companies in the transport industry remain on the frontline in helping keep essential services and supplies moving forward. The ever-changing environment of the pandemic, however,  presents a unique and challenging situation for those overseeing fleet operations. The following tips are geared toward helping fleet managers adapt their business and minimize potential effects throughout the duration of COVID-19.

  1. Establish a proactive maintenance plan
    During this time, some fleets may experience a spike in business while others may see a slow down. If your fleet is seeing a slow down in operations, use this time as an opportunity to focus on preventive maintenance efforts. While being proactive with maintenance during this time, you can ensure your fleet will be ready to operate when operations begin to return to normal. If your fleet is experiencing a spike in operations, both preventive and increased maintenance is crucial to avoiding downtime.
  2. Enhance safety and sanitation protocols
    The health and safety of both your employees and the customers you serve remains a top priority, especially during this pandemic. Establish and enforce a heightened sanitation routine with your drivers and warehouse staff to ensure fleet vehicles are thoroughly cleaned each day. Consider establishing a complete sanitation of vehicles by a third party vendor at certain intervals throughout the duration of the pandemic. If your drivers come in contact with customers, ensure they are wearing the proper protective gear, including masks and gloves, to prevent the spread of the virus.
  3. Optimize communication among drivers
    Now more than ever is an important time for open communication beyond regular dispatch calls. Maintain a constant, transparent line of communication with drivers to provide information on updated protocols, manage expectations and field concerns. Furthermore, consider creating actionable goals and targets to help encourage increased safety and maintenance habits during this time.
  4. Stay informed of industry updates and regulations
    The fluidity of the COVID-19 pandemic requires fleet managers to stay in-the-know with changing regulations and guidelines as it relates to the transport industry. Several agencies and organizations are providing up-to-date information, guidance and developments related to the transport industry as it happens:

Breaux Petroleum remains steadfast in serving as a partner to our fleet customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re here to help you manage and maintain your fleet during this challenging time. If you have any questions or needs, please contact your sales representative or a member of our customer service staff at 800.375.3358.