Industry Focus: Marine

Our economy is dependent on the marine industry in South Louisiana, which means every vessel—whether it is a fishing watercraft or an offshore supply or crew boat—has unique needs. To meet these needs, Breaux Petroleum offers a vast range of products including everything from outboard motor oil for personal watercraft to specialized engine oils for offshore vessels. These products are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions while meeting stringent environmental requirements.


Whether you are a vessel owner-operator, shipyard, port authority, or E&P company, you know the importance of quality lubricants. These systems are not only meant to keep operations running smoothly, but also to minimize downtime and extend service or oil drain or maintenance intervals. Partnering with Shell Lubricants, Breaux has an extensive portfolio of high-quality lubricants tailored to marine applications including engine oils, compressor oils, bearing and circulating oils, extreme-pressure greases, hydraulic fluids, turbine oils, heat transfer fluids, synthetic refrigerator lubricants, and environmentally-acceptable lubricants.

In addition, we have also partnered with global control fluid leader, MacDermid, to provide environmentally superior fluids for the offshore drilling market. These products are recognized as the most dependable control fluids in the oil and gas industry today with a field-proven history to ensure superior system reliability, system performance and system compatibility.


Beyond our portfolio of high-quality marine lubricants, our Reliability Services are aimed at improving machine reliability, lowering operating costs, and improving product durability. Services we offer that support marine vessels and drilling operations include oil analysis, filtration and purification, varnish mitigation, and high velocity oil flushing.

Our delivery fleet is also approved as a mobile facility with the United States Coast Guard, which allows us to transfer fuel and oil on to your vessel, over water, or at your dock.

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