Industry Focus: Industrial

Breaux Petroleum is proud to provide products and services to the state’s most vital industries. Follow along with our newest series, Industry Focus, as we highlight the industries we serve, along with tailored information for products and services specific to that industry. To kick things off, we’re starting with one of the largest industries in our portfolio, and one that comprises a vast portion of business throughout the state: Industrial.

Breaux Petroleum offers a variety of lubricants that cater to industrial equipment. This wide range of products — from hydraulic oils to specialized synthetic compressor oils — can increase equipment reliability while decreasing operating costs.

But we’re more than just a provider of industrial lubricants.

Not only can we supply the lubricants needed to keep industrial applications moving, we offer several reliability services to ensure the effectiveness of these lubricants. We have an experienced technical team on-staff comprised of an industrial service manager and MLT-certified technical engineers to help companies manage a comprehensive lubrication program that meets operational needs while protecting the company’s bottom line.

Our Industrial Services portfolio offers a suite of reliability services that bridge the gap between essential, yet often overlooked lubrication tasks. By combining our team of experts with industry-leading technology and equipment, we can increase your operational output through improved machine reliability, reduced operating costs, and lightened workload of plant and reliability operators.

Industrial services we offer:

  • Lubrication Management
  • Oil Analysis
  • Filtration & Purification
  • Site Consultation
  • Varnish Mitigation
  • High Velocity Oil Flushing
  • Training
  • Equipment Rentals

Why this matters? High-quality products and reliability services are key to maintaining optimal operations across the industrial sector. Our industrial-focused portfolio relies on proper lubrication processes and services to help companies create and maintain sustainable growth. As a distributor rooted in technical expertise — and backed by state-of-the-art equipment — our industrial capabilities are designed to help you turn potential into productivity.

Want to learn more about our products and services tailored to the Industrial sector? Click here. And be sure to follow along each month as we highlight the other industries we serve. Want to know more about our capabilities related to your specific industry? Contact us at sales@breauxpetroleum.com today.