Modern Solutions for Your Rotating Equipment

Tasked with driving reliable, consistent and efficient power generation, turbines require a range of protective measures to ensure they don’t succumb to unplanned downtime. This includes:

  • Protection against wear and corrosion of key system components
  • Cooling of rotating parts to prevent oil degradation and deposit formation
  • Avoidance of metal-on-metal contact and valve sticking.


Helping combat these varied pressures is your turbine oils. At Breaux Petroleum, we carry the full line of Shell Turbo turbine oils, which can help keep your equipment in motion, by delivering enhanced protection, long oil life and high system efficiency under continuous operating conditions.

Reliability Services

Complementing this range of turbine oils is our team of lubrication experts and full suite of Reliability Services. Whether it’s choosing the right oil grade or ongoing monitoring to stop potential problems in their tracks, we can help you get the most from your equipment with our turbine solution offerings. Learn more about our services below or complete the form to contact our team today.

Varnish Mitigation
Oil Analysis
Filtration & Purification

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