First Annual Family Day at Avery Island!

In continuing our 100th year celebration, Breaux Petroleum held its first annual Family Day at Louisiana’s historic Avery Island – the birthplace of Tabasco hot sauce – on Saturday, May 14!

As employees and their families arrived, they were invited to tour the Tabasco Museum and Factory and explored Avery Island’s beautiful Jungle Gardens and Bird City refuge. During the tours, families got an inside look at how Tabasco is made from pepper seeds to sauce along with enjoying the beauty of nature in the Jungle Gardens. After the morning tours, families enjoyed lunch at Restaurant 1868, which featured delicious New Orleans-style fare.

The lunch also featured a sneak-peek of our 100-year video, which highlights the amazing milestones and extraordinary team of leaders and employees who made this century mark possible for Breaux Petroleum! It’s safe to say there were a few tears in the audience. Lunch concluded with service awards given to employees who have reached decades-long milestones with the company. Those who were recognized for their dedication of service include:

  • 35 Years of Service
    Tina Aucoin, Business & Compliance Analyst
  • 20+ Years of Service
    Trumain Green, Driver
    Mary Louviere, Accounts Receivable
  • 15+ Years of Service
    Scott Toloudis, Driver
    Glenn Ledet, Driver
  • 10+ Years of Service
    Laine Folse, Customer Service Manager
    Karen Adams, Customer Service Representative (Not Pictured)
    Gary O’Keefe, Director of C-Store Operations (Not Pictured)

“Family has always been important to Breaux Petroleum, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 100-year milestone,” said Blake Breaux, executive vice president. “We also thought it was fitting to choose Avery Island as the venue being that Tabasco is a fellow Louisiana-founded company who has been around for over 100 years.”

Stay tuned for more celebrations throughout the year as we continue to celebrate our century milestone and the dedicated employees who helped us get here. And, be on the lookout for the premiere of our 100-year video… coming soon!