Breaking Ground on Marine Distribution Facility

Breaux Petroleum Products recently broke ground on its Marine Distribution Facility in Lockport, Louisiana. The new facility – located at 734 East Main St. – will serve as a dedicated warehouse and bulk plant focused on products specific to the marine and offshore industry.

The opening of the Marine Distribution Facility will mark Breaux Petroleum’s third location in Louisiana. The main office and warehouse is also located in Lockport, and the company’s second facility opened in January 2017 in Lake Charles.

With Breaux Petroleum’s expansion in 2017, the company grew its efforts in the marine and offshore business, currently serving drillers and production companies throughout the Gulf of Mexico. This increased focus required the need for Breaux to expand its operations with a designated marine facility.

The new facility will house 25 bulk tanks with up to half a million gallons of storage space and a 12,000-square-foot warehouse holding an extensive range of marine lubricants, soaps, chemicals and more.

The new facility is strategically located an hour north of Port Fourchon, which services more than 90% of offshore production in the Gulf, as well as along the Highway 90 corridor, providing easy access to drillers and production companies located out of Houma, Amelia, Morgan City and New Iberia.

About Breaux Petroleum Products
Founded in 1922, Breaux Petroleum Products is an established distributor of quality products for energy, automotive, marine, industrial and aviation needs in South Louisiana. Breaux Petroleum provides quality products, fuels, and lubricants from Shell, AeroShell, and more. In addition to products, Breaux Petroleum offers a wide variety of services including delivery, oil analysis, inventory management/tank monitoring, filtration, hurricane and emergency preparedness solutions, and more.