We are a leading fuel distributor

Breaux Petroleum has long been affiliated with dependability and service in the petroleum products field since its founding more than 90 years ago.

We serve a number of industries

Breaux Petroleum is an established distributor of quality products for energy, automotive, marine, industrial and aviation needs in South Louisiana.

We provide quality products

Breaux Petroleum provides quality products, fuels and lubricants from Shell, CITGO, AeroShell, Sunoco and many more to meet your needs.

We deliver dependable services

Breaux Petroleum offers a wide variety of services including delivery, inventory management and hurricane preparedness to adapt to today's oil market.

The Breaux Difference

What sets us apart from the rest

Serving South Louisiana since 1922

If you know how to pronounce the name, we know your business. Breaux Petroleum has served South Louisiana since 1922. Our family has been here through the good times and the bad, and we will be here for years to come. We have a special connection with South Louisiana. We know the people, we know the industries, and we know what it takes to make it in this area. We treat our employees and customers like family because that’s the only way we know how.

Just like your secret family gumbo recipe, Breaux Petroleum has a secret recipe for success. It involves a few of the things that make South Louisiana such a special place...

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The industries
we serve
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Transportation
The services
we provide
  • Delivery
  • Oil Analysis
  • Lubrication Survey
  • Filtration
  • Training
  • Inventory Management