PVC Exercise

I call this PVC exercise but you could use a broomstick, towel, shirt, etc.  Also, we are using this as a corrective exercise so one set of 10-15 reps should be sufficient.  This is a progression after completing the prior desk shoulder exercise for a week or two.  Then add this exercise to your routine.  For example, one round of the desk exercise followed up by this exercise.  Then you could follow it with your workout routine.

  1. Lie prone down on the floor or mat; If able to focus on more than one thing…press shoelaces down into floor, draw belly button away from floor (if not let it go for now.)
  2. Set shoulders down and back while lifting head in line with the body (so, float the head slightly off the floor and eyes down toward the floor)
  3. With the PVC pipe in your hands lift the pipe as high as possible
  4. Keeping it lifted, bend the elbows as much as possible (avoid moving the head…keep it in line with the body)
  5. Extend the elbows back out and lower the arms

* If any of the exercises seem to be causing more pain or discomfort, please stop the exercise immediately.  Don’t hesitate to email me about what seems to be going on, and I will try to help or advise you to find someone who can.  Most importantly, listen to your body and learn to understand what it is telling you.  Our bodies have great intuition if we listen!