Are You Using the Right Lubricant in Your Equipment?

Proper lubrication is a critical component to the longevity of your rotating equipment. By not using the right lubricant, you run the risk of higher maintenance costs, increased wear, operational downtime, and most detrimentally, long-term equipment damage.

There are a number of factors to evaluate when choosing the right lubricant. Some of the most important areas you should consider when selecting a lubricant for your equipment include:

What are the operating conditions?
An important first step in lubricating your equipment is to understand your application’s operating conditions. Industrial lubricants are designed to reduce friction and wear, protect against corrosion, and control contamination and temperature. Understanding what challenges may be encountered by your equipment and its unique operating conditions is the first step in choosing the right lubricant.

What’s it made of?
Next, it’s important to understand the composition of your chosen lubricant. Varying additives to base oils are used to produce lubricants. These ingredients can have a significant impact on the performance of your lubricant as it relates to shear stability, pumpability, and heat and water resistance.

We know choosing the right lubricant can be complicated, especially when you have so many factors and varying formulations to consider. That’s why we’re here to help. Our team of lubrication experts are trained to help you make the best decision as it relates to your specific operation and equipment.

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