Increasing Reliability with Oil Analysis

Oil analysis within any industry is imperative for monitoring the life of equipment. Like bloodwork taken for a routine checkup, oil analysis is a firsthand look at the vital fluids running through the key components of rotating equipment. It can aid in identifying when and where foreign contaminants are being introduced into your system and can also pinpoint mechanical wear issues before catastrophic failures occur. With the proper oil analysis and lube program you can achieve max lubricant life, a reduction in equipment failures, and an increase in overall reliability.

At Breaux Petroleum, we can perform different tests on oil both in house and on your location. Viscosity, cleanliness, varnish potential, and fluid health can be monitored using our turnkey equipment and services.

Breaux Petroleum works hand-in-hand with various labs across the Gulf Coast for quick turnaround times on sample reports and accurate results. In addition, we have an in-house engineer that is available to review any and all sample reports for your company, make recommendations on actions to be taken, and train or offer help on interpreting your oil analysis reports.

Our in-house engineer is also available to perform site visits at your location to assist in identifying best sample points and practices, proper sampling techniques, discuss ways to decrease contamination, and properly store lubricants and equipment.

Breaux Petroleum knows how important minimizing downtime and eliminating unneeded failures is to our customers, and with the proper oil analysis program we can ensure this is accomplished for your company.

Ready to implement an oil analysis program at your site? Contact us today at 800.375.3358 or sales@breauxpetroleum.com to get started.