Focus on Sustainable Solutions

Our industry plays a fundamental role in keeping daily life moving. In today’s ever-changing world, however, we recognize the growing need to move toward more sustainable operations. This is why we offer focused products and services geared to helping companies embed sustainability into their business strategy.

Biodegradable Lubricants
We carry a suite of biodegradable lubricants, Shell Naturelle, that offer reliable performance alongside the highest standard in biodegradability and ecotoxicity. The Shell Naturelle range includes hydraulic fluids, gear oils, and greases. Choosing the right biodegradable lubricants and implementing ongoing monitoring with a service like Condition Monitoring can help extend equipment life, lower your total cost of ownership while protecting the environment.

Waste and Environmental Management
An effective waste management strategy is becoming a top sustainability priority among many industries. At Breaux Petroleum, we are an end-to-end solutions provider with a full suite of environmentally-safe waste management services to help your business properly handle, recycle, and dispose of waste while providing cradle-to-grave tracking for regulatory purposes.

CO2 Reduction
Driving energy efficiencies and reducing your carbon footprint not only cuts emissions, but also has a positive impact on operational performance. Breaux Petroleum carries a range of low-carbon products aimed to improve energy efficiency and help industry operators make a shift toward a reduced carbon footprint.

Regulatory Requirements
Adhering to growing environmental regulations is critical in any industry. At Breaux Petroleum, we ensure strict compliance with regulatory requirements ranging from the delivery of gasoline to retail fuel stores to the transfer of lubricants over water as regulated by the United States Coast Guard.

Each of the above efforts all hold potential to reduce environmental impact in industrial settings, while still increasing operational efficiency and protecting bottom lines. To find out more about the lubricant industry’s approach to reducing environmental impact, download this white paper from Shell Lubricant Solutions.

Whether it is keeping your operation in motion, optimizing your lubrication program more quickly, reskilling and upskilling your people, or capitalizing on change – we can maximize profits while minimizing negative impacts. Through our partnership with Shell Lubricant Solutions, we can expand your team, empower your operations, and help you achieve your sustainability goals. At Breaux Petroleum, we aim to turn uncertainty into knowledge, complexity into simplicity, and difficulty into opportunity. Contact our team today to learn more about our sustainability solutions.