Celebrating 100 Years with Breaux

Not many companies reach the achievement of being in business for 100 years. But Breaux Petroleum is different. Founded in 1922, the company is proud to celebrate a century of service as a trusted provider of fuels and lubricants throughout South Louisiana and beyond.

The company’s early beginnings started in the 1900s when A.P. Breaux began picking up produce from farmers and gardeners and delivering them to the wharf in Lockport, Louisiana. A.P.’s produce delivery business continued to grow and prosper until good roads started to develop in Louisiana. With the roads, came trucks that brought the benefit of speedy delivery.

Around this same time, the first oil well was drilled in Leeville, just about 40 miles down the road from Lockport. A.P. took the state’s new and booming industry as an opportunity to further diversify his business, and in 1922, he established A.P. Breaux & Sons. He began hauling crude oil from the Leeville field and transporting fuel from the New Orleans Refining Company (NORCO). In doing so, A.P. secured the state’s first-ever distributor contract from Shell Oil Company.

Over the decades, the company evolved from its origins as A.P. Breaux & Sons to become Breaux Oil Company and eventually the present-day Breaux Petroleum Products. As it continued to grow and expand, so did its workforce, warehouse space, product offerings, and service capabilities. Since its founding, Breaux Petroleum has opened a second facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a satellite office in New Orleans, and a second warehouse in Lockport dedicated solely to the marine industry.

Today, under the guidance of the third, fourth and fifth generations, Breaux Petroleum continues to serve as one of the most reliable fuel and lubricant providers in South Louisiana and recognizes the support it has received from so many along the way.

“We have genuine appreciation for the impact so many have had on Breaux Petroleum, whether as a customer, employee, or vendor,” said Bud Breaux, company president and the fourth generation of family leadership. “Without them, we would not be where we are today as we celebrate our 100th anniversary.”

We’re 100 years in and just getting started! We can’t wait to bring you along our journey as we continue to grow, diversify our portfolio of services, and maintain the same focus on the core values we were founded on 100 years ago.

For a more in-depth look at the storied history of Breaux Petroleum, check out our interactive timeline.