Hard-working lubricants tailored to your operational needs.

For more than half a century, CITGO has been engineering and producing cutting-edge lubricants capable of standing up to extreme conditions. CITGO lubricantproduct solutions keep equipment running at optimum levels in the harshest environments while helping operations stay efficient and competitive. With three quality lubricant brands to offer, CITGO has the right products to meet all of your needs.

CITGO Lubricants have what it takes have what it takes to save you money while helping keep your equipment and operation running at peak performance. CITGO lubricants offer equipment owners an extended operational lifespan of the equipment as well as less overall downtime of their machines. From a state-of-the-art LubeAlert Fluid Condition Monitoring Service to committed experts on the ground, CITGO is dedicated to helping you improve efficiency and save money.


Mystik Lubricants develops products for real-world conditions that are formulated to meet the unique demands of specialized machines. Our products provide protection for engine longevity and are the choice of owner/operators, farmers, professional riders and enthusiasts, who demand maximum performance in the toughest conditions.


Clarion Lubricants delivers one of the industry’s broadest lines of safe, protective lubricants, including food grade, environmental and synthetic grade formulations that contribute to a more sustainable future. The products are designed to maximize the safety and sustainability of your business.


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