Trusted for generations and used for aviation worldwide

Be it aircraft piston engine oils, jet oils, greases or hydraulic fluids, AeroShell is one of the most comprehensive and proven ranges of aviation lubricant products. For years, Aeroshell aviation lubricants have been regarded as the “go-to” lubricant for those in the aviation industry because of its reliability and versatility. Whether a person needs piston engine oil or wheel-bearing greases, Aeroshell’s trusted formula can get the job done. The portfolio of Aeroshell products is combined with what is among the best technical support in the industry. Breaux Petroleum carries the full portfolio of AeroShell products to deliver the protection you need.

Piston Engine Oils

Aeroshell’s comprehensive range of best-selling piston engine oils help look after your engine the way you look after your aircraft. Learn more »

Turbine Engine Oils

Helps deliver the protection you need at a total cost of ownership that makes the case for changing to Shell. Learn more »


Airframe and wheel-bearing greases that sets the standards. Aeroshell aviation lubricants are specially formulated to excel in wide-ranging applications. Learn more »

Fluids and Preservatives

For reliability in aircraft hydraulic systems, landing gear shock structs and getting back in the air without costly remedial maintenance. Learn more »

Distributor Product Quality Assurance

Breaux Petroleum has been certified by Shell’s Distributor Product Quality Assurance (DPQA) program. This is the lubricant industry’s most stringent standard for bulk lubricant handling and packaging. The DPQA program exceeds industry standards for bulk oil handling and repackaging. By carrying this seal of approval, Breaux Petroleum has demonstrated that our facilities, procedures, records, sampling and internal auditing meet the strictest standards for maintaining the integrity of the product.

Product Support

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