South Louisiana is dependent on many different industries to make up our diverse market. When Breaux Petroleum was founded in 1922, agriculture and oil/gas were the two main drivers of the economy, but as the times changed, so did we. Today we now service a multitude of industries while still staying true to our roots on the bayou.


Agriculture has always been important to Breaux Petroleum. Whether you own a small tractor, large harvesting equipment or an entire mill, we have the products you need. 


We carry a variety of lubricants to cater to your industrial equipment. We have a wide range of specialty products to keep your industrial equipment running safely and smoothly.


We have your marine needs covered from outboard motor oil for your personal boat (watercraft) to specialized engine oils for large offshore vessels.


We got our start serving the offshore oil industry over 90 years ago. That’s why we are perfectly positioned to get you the lubricants, fuels and chemicals you need.


Refineries demand specialized products to operate. We know that down time is costly, so that’s why we carry a full line of products to keep you running at optimum efficiency.


Commercial trucking and transportation companies are the wheels that keep our economy rolling. We know how important it is to keep your equipment up and running.