A History of Reliability

The name Breaux has long been affiliated with dependability and service in the petroleum products field. Breaux Petroleum Products in Lockport is an established distributor of quality products for energy, automotive, marine, industrial and aviation needs in South Louisiana.

A.P. Breaux was the first Shell jobber in Louisiana. A.P. started out in the early 1900's in the grocery and produce business. He later used barges to collect produce from farmers along Bayou Lafourche and ship to the New Orleans market through the Company Canal at Lockport. But as Louisiana's roads got better, A.P.'s barge business got worse. So again he diversified. By 1922 he was hauling crude oil from the Leeville Field, a true pioneer in the vital Louisiana industry, and formed A.P. Breaux & Sons. His business grew and so did the number of quality Shell products he distributed throughout Lafourche: gasoline, oil, diesel and kerosene.

The second generation saw A.P. Breaux’s sons split in to two oil distributors serving the South Louisiana region with both Amoco and Shell. In 1986, the two companies—each with established reputations—merged together to form what is now the modern-day Breaux Petroleum Products.

Today under the guidance of the fourth and fifth generations, Breaux Petroleum continues to sustain its more than 95-year relationship with Shell and its newest partnership with CITGO. 




  • Leon “Buddy” Breaux, Jr.

    Buddy originally started his career when the company was known as A.P. Breaux & Sons. In 1986 he was responsible for the merger with Lockport Oil and Tire Company forming what is now the present-day Breaux Petroleum Products.
  • Leon “Bud” Breaux, III

    Bud started his professional career as a CPA. When the companies merged, he was brought on as the comptroller. Today he serves as the company's president and over the past 30 years, has helped grow the company to what it is today.
  • Blake Breaux

    Vice President of Operations
    Blake joined Breaux Petroleum Products in 2012 as a sales representative after working in the construction industry for several years. In 2015, he moved into his current role and oversees the day-to-day operations of the company.

The Breaux Difference

If you know how to pronounce the name, we know your business. Breaux Petroleum has served South Louisiana since 1922. Our family has been here through the good times and the bad, and will be here for years to come. We have a special connection with South Louisiana. We know the people, we know the industries, and we know what it takes to make it in this area. We treat our employees and customers like family because that’s the only way we know how.

Just like your secret family gumbo recipe, Breaux Petroleum has a secret recipe for success. It involves a few of the things that make South Louisiana such a special place:

We are here for our neighbors: After Hurricane Katrina, Breaux Petroleum was back up and running as soon as we could be. We were supplying law enforcement, emergency services and electrical contractors with fuel so they could keep us safe and perform their job the way we needed them to. We were also able to open a few convenience stores to make sure our neighbors had gas, ice and the necessary supplies we could provide.

We give back: in addition to being there when our neighbors needed us most, Breaux Petroleum also supports local charities and organizations. Many of our employees are in the local Rotary Club. Also, we annually give to the United Way, The Special Olympics, The Salvation Army and we also sponsor Central Lafourche High School's Project Graduation. You can also find our Breaux Petroleum tent at local school events, charity fishing rodeos, fundraisers and any other events that provide us the opportunity to help out our local community.

Your success is our success: When your business does well, we do well. For this reason we want you to think of Breaux Petroleum as more than just your supplier of fuel and lubricants, we want you to think of us as your partner in business. We routinely help our customers find solutions to help them save time, increase their equipment life, boost productivity and most importantly, save money!