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Spotlight Service Series – Training

Breaux can set you up with customized training programs and tools that enhance your team's lubrication knowledge.

Spotlight Service Series – Equipment

Whether you're looking for bulk storage or top-of-the-line reliability equipment, our equipment can improve your operational capabilities.

Spotlight Service Series – High Velocity Flushing

HVOF can help remove harmful contaminants from the internal surfaces of lube piping.

Spotlight Service Series – Lubrication Management

Breaux Petroleum can bring you one step closer to zero lubrication-related failures.

Spotlight Service Series – Filtration

Equipment reliability starts with oil cleanliness. At Breaux Petroleum, we offer a large fleet of filtration and dehydration equipment.

Spotlight Service Series – Site Consultation

Identify opportunities and improvements to your current lubrication processes.

Introducing our ‘Spotlight Services’ Series!

Follow along with us each month as we spotlight each one of our Reliability Services.

Are You Storing Your Lubricants Properly?

The first step toward achieving proactive maintenance of your equipment begins with proper storage and handling of your lubricants.

Increasing Reliability with Oil Analysis

Like bloodwork taken for a routine checkup, oil analysis is a firsthand look at vital fluids running through key components of rotating...

Are You Doing Enough for Your Turbines?

Turbines are a critical component of rotating assets. The lubrication health of a turbine plays a large role in ensuring overall machine...