Spotlight Service Series – Site Consultation

The complexity of today’s range of industrial equipment means that selecting the right lubricant is only the first step to a successful lubrication program. To ensure your facility is maximizing your lubricants’ potential, we offer a free on-site consultation that will identify opportunities and improvements to your current lubrication processes.

As part of the consultation, our team of experts will help you ensure that you are using the right lubricants in your applications; that your storage and dispensing processes are suitable; that your equipment is optimized to its fullest as well as several other areas that can have an impact on component life and equipment reliability.

What is a Site Consultation?

A site consultation is a review of a customer’s lubrication program that helps:

  • Determine their lubrication program needs
  • Propose to them action items/projects
  • Assist them in achieving successful lubrication practices

How Does It Work?

Our team of experts will conduct an evaluation of your current lubrication program in these 8 critical categories:

  • Storage and Handling  
  • Contamination Control
  • Lubricant Application
  • Oil Condition Monitoring
  • Training
  • Equipment Optimization
  • Standard Procedures
  • Project and Planning Review

During this evaluation, we will help identify possible key performance indicators (KPIs) and you will receive a detailed report with ways to reduce overall maintenance costs while increasing operational efficiency.

An Action Plan will be developed with improvement opportunities identified in equipment reliability, safety hazards, product recommendations, improved lubricant application and more. The best part about this service is that it’s completely free with no obligations.

“Our partnership with our customers involves more than just delivering products” said Blake Breaux, executive vice president. “We assess which turnkey services we can deliver to help our customers achieve their goals while protecting their bottom line.”

To schedule your free site consultation, please complete the form here: Site Consultation | Breaux Petroleum Products