Improve equipment reliability and avoid downtime

Maximizing equipment lifespan is a priority for 8 in 10 construction leaders. But, 6 in 10 do nothing about it.

Staying competitive in construction means meeting tight project deadlines and budgets. We offer services and products to help construction leaders avoid expensive equipment downtime and over-budget projects.

Product Portfolio

Breaux Petroleum offers a variety of lubricants to cater to your industrial equipment. Our wide range of specialty products — from hydraulic oils to specialized synthetic compressor oils — can increase your equipment reliability while decreasing your operating costs.

Schedule Your Proactive Maintenance Plan

60% of construction leaders do not prioritize equipment maintenance until there is a breakdown.

Don’t follow the crowd.

Off-Highway Reliability Services

Between 60-80 percent of all mechanical failures are directly related to poor or improper lubrication practices. Breaux Petroleum offers a full portfolio of reliability services to bridge the gap between necessary, yet often overlooked lubrication tasks. Our turnkey services are designed to increase your operation’s overall reliability using our team of experts and the industry’s latest technology and equipment.