Maximizing equipment lifespan is a priority for 8 in 10 industrial leaders.

But, 6 in 10 do nothing about it. Are you one of them?

Staying competitive in the construction world means meeting tight project deadlines and budgets. Small things make a BIG difference with equipment maintenance. With the right adjustments you can avoid expensive equipment downtime and over-budget projects.

We have compiled 5 important tips to help optimize your equipment and take the guesswork out of lubrication:

Tip 1. Never Stop Training
Employee training is key to optimizing your equipment. When operators don’t know how to properly use equipment, it can lead to unnecessary wear and tear or even damage. Your success depends on the performance of your people. Investing in properly training and upskilling your employees is the best business decision you can make.

Tip 2. Keep up with Maintenance
All equipment needs regular preventative maintenance to operate
correctly and prevent damage. It’s important to set up a maintenance schedule and complete the maintenance when it’s due.

Tip 3. Use the Right Lubricant
Lubrication is one of the most valuable maintenance checks. Using the correct lubricant goes a long way in extending the life of your equipment.

Tip 4. Proper Storage & Handling of Lubricants
Lubricants must be stored under the right conditions and handled correctly to avoid contamination and preserve their key characteristics.

Tip 5. Test Lubricants Frequently
Expert analysis identifies the particles found in used oil. The specific makeup of contaminants will indicate which part could be causing equipment wear or downtime.

Feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start? Our team of lubrication experts can help with each of these tips. We offer
on-site training and free assessments to help you learn how to optimize your operation. Complete the form on the right to get in touch with our team today and start your journey toward lubrication excellence.

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