Expanded Portfolio of Industrial Lubricants

Breaux Petroleum is pleased to announce it now carries an expanded portfolio of industrial lubricants following the Shell acquisition of American Chemical Technologies (ACT). With this acquisition, Breaux Petroleum customers now have access to an even more comprehensive range of premium industrial lubricants – including the Shell EcoSafe® line of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based, fire-resistant fluids – designed to provide outstanding performance and protection in extreme operating conditions. The comprehensive portfolio also includes an extended range of compressors, gear oils, greases, biodegradable lubricants and water-glycols.

At the heart of the portfolio are the PAG-based synthetic lubricants, which help provide excellent equipment protection, reduce the impact on the environment and support more profitable and sustainable operations. The products meet stringent industry standards and are produced in modern ISO-9001-registered facilities. Their favorable health, safety and environmental profiles can help you meet government regulatory requirements. In addition, the highly-specialized lubricants include fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for use in demanding high-temperature environments, turbine fluids for large power-generation gas turbines and other synthetic products.

For more than 40 years, American Chemical Technologies has supplied game-changing, PAG-based fluids, water-glycols, other premium synthetic industrial lubricants, and value-adding technical services. In December 2019, ACT assets, intellectual property, technology, products, and manufacturing facilities became part of Shell and its wider business.

To learn more about this new portfolio of industrial lubricants, click here. Contact your sales representative today to discuss how the EcoSafe® portfolio can help your business.