We have your marine needs covered from outboard motor oil for your personal watercraft to specialized engine oils for large offshore vessels. South Louisiana depends on our marine industry to keep our economy going. From fishing vessels to offshore supply and crew boats, we know every vessel is important. Here are a few of the products we offer to make sure you stay on the water and keep your business moving:

  • outboard motor oil
  • gear oils
  • electro motive diesel (EMD) engine oils
  • hydraulic oils (both mineral oils and fully synthetic oil for environmentally sensitive areas)
  • water resistant greases
  • jack-up leg grease
  • rust proof products
  • diesel engine oils
  • coolants
  • transmission oils

Our mobile facilities are also certified by the US Coast Guard to perform transfers over water. So let us get you fueled up and ready for your next trip while you are at your dock.

For more information on any of our marine products or services please call us at 985.532.3358 or email us at support@breauxpetroleum.com.